This episode is all about Ruben’s positivity and how he uses it to fuel his days. He talks about how we can shed limiting beliefs in real estate and gain success. He touches on the steps you can take to outgrow and outgrow your competition. He also goes into depth on how to get investors to work with you.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to raise capital before getting a deal
  • Most of the people are taught to limit their beliefs into “We have to buy a single-family and then another one and eventually scale into something else” but the truth is, it is possible to invest in big assets without having to manage the operational side.
  • Real estate has got a lot of scalability, you can grow it into how much ever your mindset allows.
  • Multifamily investing as a limited partner or as joint venture is a great way to get involved if you’re beginning or if you’re looking to scale your business.
  • To stand out in a competition, find something no one else is doing.
  • Sometimes to stand out you need to be emotional rather than being logical all the time.
  • Types of investors in real estate
  • How to get investors to work with you by understanding them
  • Data is just logic based indicator its not going to sell a lot of people. People make their decisions emotionally and then justify with logic.
  • How marketing strategies will change after this pandemic
  • Being able to adapt and change is a part of successful campaigns these days.
  • In order to align with frequency and creative reality you have to be in alignment with yourself and your source.

Resources from this episode 

Book recommendation : The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

Guest’s Bio

Ruben has his own podcast about raising money for multifamily syndication called the Capital Raiser Show where he learns best practices from successful syndicators. He is a Capital Manager for Bakerson and does marketing, brand awareness and capital raising for the company who has purchased 850 units in AZ, many through syndicating apartment communities. He is new to the team. He originally got started in real estate by raising 650K of joint venture money from social media to buy small multifamily deals in Phoenix during the real estate crash. He flipped all those small deals for profit but would be a millionaire now if he had kept them. He has bachelors degrees from Arizona State University in Chemistry and Spanish.

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