Frank Patalano joins us to share how he went from being a middle school teacher to a full time real estate investor. He tells us how he bought his first 3 family (triplex) in 2009 and went on to own 65 units plus another 700 in Syndications. He is a member and leader in the Rhode Island Real Estate Investor’s Group and co-host of theCashFlowKings podcast.

In this episode Frank shares his tips to leave your W2 job to become a full time real estate investor.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Real estate does not promise instant cash flow.

  • Benefits of leaving a W2 job and becoming a full time investor

  • Everybody has a different route, do things your way.

  • If you aren’t making mistakes and learning from it, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

  • There’s never a perfect property.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

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