There’s a fair amount of marketing tactics, lead generators and fundraising strategies out there but what really works? Raj Tekchandani, with his background in the tech industry and his passion for marketing, shares some of the ways to stand out and be noticed by genuine investors. In today’s episode Raj shares with us his ways to attract other people’s money and also to uplift your business by branding and marketing.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Raj went from single condos to multifamily
  • How to create an online presence
  • How to be a guest speaker on a podcast
  • How to make your meet-ups stand out
  • People prefer to be educated than be turned into customers so give before you can get.
  • Educate yourself and pay attention to details to succeed

Guest’s Bio:

Raj is a technologist turned Real Estate Investor, Syndicator, Author, Mentor. He is a seasoned Technology, Product Development, Product Marketing and Product Management Executive. He blending his background in Data Analytics and related technologies with his passion for Real Estate Investing. He is currently a multifamily portfolio that includes investments in over 500 units.

Contact Raj at: 

  • smartcapitalmgmt.com
  • raj@smartcapitalmgmt.com

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