Striving towards goals are an essential part of achieving success. But are goals really just about achieving the final outcome? The process of getting towards the goal is a significant part of the journey, it is a process that should ideally be enjoyable. Danny Johnson is hugely successful at the Fix and Flip business, not only in the monetary sense but also because he loves what he does and makes the process enjoyable. In this episode Danny shares how you can not only success, but also contentment in the Fix and Flip domain

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you should stick with a deal and not give up
  • Danny’s marketing strategy to generate more leads
  • “Only I can do this right” is a limiting belief. Hiring someone to do the job could help enhance the business much more.
  • Be happy through out the process of achieving your goals. You won’t be happy once you achieve it, if you weren’t enjoying the process.
  • The journey to success is more rewarding than the destination is.
  • Go through the learning process. Nobody can teach you your ways. Implementing marketing strategies from Youtube videos may not necessarily help generate leads for your business.

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Danny Johnson is the host of the popular Flipping Junkie Podcast.  A veteran house flipper, Danny has been real estate investing since 2003.  He’s also the creator of LeadPropeller real estate investor websites and FlipPilot lead/deal management pipeline software.  After focusing on the software for several years he’s becoming active again in real estate investing and looks forward to the creative aspect of weathering whatever storm is produced by the recent Pandemic caused by covid-19.    

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