Episode Summary

It was the tragic passing of Brie’s dad that served as a catalyst for her to leave her 10 year long corporate job. Brie realized she needed to listen to her heart and carve a career path that would give her financial freedom and a lifestyle that she truly wanted. This yearning spurted the growth of her career in real estate. Brie, who is a passionate educator takes the opportunity in this episode to inspire us with her story of her path to financial freedom while also sharing helpful industry knowledge.

What you’ll learn from this episode

  • What is house hacking?
  • The average time to find a property is five to six months
  • It takes time to find something that works.
  • How Brie went from her first few flats to 96 units
  • The difference between commercial financing and residential financing
  • If you’re investing in a cash flow market it would be a C or D type asset class
  • Types of asset classes Brie invests in.
  • Pros and cons of asset classes.
  • Why Brie invests out-state
  • Thoughts on “more money, more problems”

Resources from this episode

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