Episode Summary

Jamie Gruber is a prime example of someone ‘thinking outside the box’. When he struggled to find deals when he started out, he went into a brainstorming frenzy to build a brand of his own from bottom up.

He is now the co-founder of the multi-family networking community. He has successfully built a brand of his own without the help of a broker and materialized a handful of his own deals since the past few years.

In this episode he takes us through his journey of building a brand on his own and how to work around real estate brokers.

What you’ll learn from this episode

  • Social media is one of the most convenient tools to leverage your brand.
  • Whether to focus on one social media platform or to have a broader approach.
  • The power of virtual meetups
  • Why networking is crucial
  • The dwindling importance of a business website
  • Insights on different online branding platforms.
  • Vulnerability is a necessity when it comes to starting a group or a community.
  • View social media as a tool to use not just as a means of entertainment.

Resources from this episode

Guest’s Bio

Jamie Gruber is the co-founder and president of the Multifamily and More group of networking communities. They currently have 17 chapters across 15 states with over 6000 members!  Jamie is a partner in 42 total units and runs the Multifamily and More YouTube channel with guests like Brandon Turner, J Scott, Rod Khleif and many more!

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