Episode Summary:

This episode goes in depth on seller financing and how you can leverage it in your real estate game. As the need to get creative in real estate deals gets emphasized, seller financial looks like an increasingly attractive option to have in your real estate arsenal.

Larry Fiero, a maestro in the space, goes into the weeds about the topic. Larry tells you all about the best practices in seller financing, what to look out for, how to find clients and more.


Guest Bio

Larry Fiero went from being in debt to owning 10 properties, that provide him financial independence. His success is one of small steps and everyday properties, which has become a recession-proof vault of financial security. His path is also one that anyone, regardless of current finances, can realistically follow, and is something he loves talking about.  Larry’s investing career began when he purchased his first property right out of high school. He has recently retired from his full time job and works as a full time real estate investor and podcaster.   

What to listen for

  • Every deal could end up being an owner financed deal.
  • Look for property criteria in order to make it owner financed.
  • If you don’t mind taking no for an answer from time to time, seller financing could be for you.
  • You just need to get creative to take any project that you are interested in and make it a win-win for the owner just by listening to their goals and needs.
  • The number 1 skill in owner financing is listening.
  • How to find clients that agree with owner financing
  • The key to introducing owner financing is to find out the client’s situation.
  • To build trust with your client, make sure to 

1. communicate 2. maintain the payments on time 3. Take care of your taxes


Resources from this episode

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Book recommendation: Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless


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