Matt Therialt shows you the tactics he used to achieved financial freedom in 4 years after starting with no money and no credit.

Discover how to get better results on the offers you make by using Matt’s simple, yet effective tool.

In this episode Matt will cover, • How to start with no cash out of your own pocket and no credit • What a 3-option letter of intent is • How it can show you opportunities that others miss. • How to use the 3-option LOI in various situations • How you can set terms for a deal that give you the greatest ROI • How to use the 3-option LOI even if the seller has a mortgage

Use this creative strategy to GET MORE OFFERS ACCEPTED and under better terms!

After building his real estate empire, Matt founded Epic Real Estate in order to provide the world with the most practical and useful real estate investing information and services possible.

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Website: Epic RE Podcast: Where to get the 3-option LOI Calculator and Letter template.

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