Michael Blank knew the full time job in corporate America wasn’t for him. He quit his job and became obsessed with educating himself on how to achieve financial freedom. His first step in was to consume as much education and courses as possible.

Michael wound up becoming an owner in a restaurant, thinking he’d be building passive income. Soon enough he started to see that the profit margins were getting thiner and thinner, and the team of owners had a real problem on their hands.

Michael was also flipping houses to build his foundation in the industry. He realized he wasn’t building passive cash flows and wound up putting more work into it than anticipated.

As he checked down his list, Michael had a light bulb moment and started to only focus on multifamily due to its scalability, passive cash flows and appreciations.

Topics discussed:

  1. Restaurant Ownership
  2. Syndications
  3. Apartment Investing

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