Victor Menasce started out in the telecom space creating microprocessors and data cards. If you have made a phone call from 1991- 2011, chances are you’ve used a processor created by Victor.

He started to realize he had built the skill sets from his experience in mergers, acquisitions and capital funding. He utilized this and took a step into real estate investing.

Victor takes a business approach to everything he does and states that every strategy needs to follow the law of supply and demand. His first transition into real estate was providing executive suite type properties on a medium term basis. Victor lives in Ottawa, Canada where there is alot of Parliamentary and Embassy staff the had a need for higher end housing without getting locked into a year long lease. Victor’s first step into real estate was to fill this need.

Menasce kept this creative mindset thriving and wound up purchasing a Minor League Baseball Stadium for $950,000. This Stadium had a cell tower that they wound up selling for $750,000. From there, Victor and his team took a very creative approach on handling this asset.

Topics discussed:

  1. Tax Layers
  2. Supply & Demand
  3. International Business

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