Damion Lupo shares how he used creative real estate to go from zero to $20,000,000.00

oh and then he lost it all in the crash and was worth NEGATIVE $5,000,000.00

This story shows why Damian wrote his two books “Quick & Dirty Guide to Gold & Silver” “RE-Invented Life”

Today Damian helps people get their retirement out of the stock market and into things they know and control like: Gold, Silver, Real Estate, and anything else that has great upside with very little downside and typically outperform the stock market.

QRP vs Self Directed IRA “401K on steroids”

“I don’t do deals that will give me any less than 20%, it’s just not worth my time”

we discuss UDFI and UBIT

Contact Damian or get a free mailed copy of his book: www.TotalControlFinancial.com


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