In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to convert the seller to do a creative deal with you
  • Three Things to do in every initial phone call
    • 1. Identify what type of person YOU are
    • 2. Determine what type of person you’re dealing with.
    • 3. The Elevator Pitch
  • Determine base on their response where your are going with the conversation
  • Guide them in the rapid
    • Type of person -Analytical person -Social conscious person -Driver person
  • Record your phone call, listen to them and take notes
  • Everything is a negotiation
  • Take time to study what are you doing right and doing wrong
  • Book Derek recommend on how to be better at negotiating:
    • Pitch Anything
    • Never Split The Difference
    • Flip The Script
  • How to handle the conversation with 2 people
  • Acknowledge the other person and make them a part of the negotiation

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