In this podcast, you will learn the 1st of 5 Ways we make money in multifamily!

  • Forced appreciation: Appreciation that you control
  • How multifamily is valued
  • What is NOI
  • 2 ways to increase NOI
  • How to add more income through raising rent, laundry, storage and more
  • What raising income by $50/month can do for your NOI and property value
  • e.g.: $50 X 100 units = $5K/mo X 12 month = 60K
  • How to calculate value by dividing $60K by cap rate: e.g.: 60K divided by .05 = 1.2M
  • How raising the value can allow you to pull out equity and use for other things
  • How forced appreciation is similar to fix and flip
  • How cap rate no longer matters with forced appreciation
  • How areas with low cap rates make more money by adding value
  • The formula for calculating value: NOI/Cap Rate=value
  • And so much more!

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